The costs of equipping a modern catering establishment can be prohibitive to entry into a lucrative business. Even when considering catering equipment leasing, costs can be frightening. But leasing used, fully refurbished catering equipment allows you much more opportunity to acquire your essential business tools. And everything that we sell or lease is virtually indistinguishable form new and comes with a full warranty.

Are you considering catering equipment leasing?

Cater Revival – One of the UK’s leading supplier of second hand catering equipment. Specialising in refurbishing and repairing second hand catering equipment to the very highest of standards, everything that we supply has been through our rigorous checking, cleaning, preparation and refurbishment program.

Consider this. A combi-oven new can be in excess of £10,000 to buy.

Lease a new one and you can be looking at a hefty deposit and payments around £400/month. And thats just the oven! Lease a combi-oven here and you can be looking at a deposit of around £700 and a monthly payment around £150.

Doughnut makers, £400 deposit and less than £100 per month – thats £3.30 a day – can you sell enough doughnuts to cover that? This frees up cash for other equipment or day to day cashflow stock. Ideal for a new business or when your current equipment lets you down at the worst possible time.

Coffee machines – a huge profit opportunity, ice cream machines, fridge freezers, you name it. Catering equipment leasing could well be the answer.



With almost 30,000 Sq.ft of storage, workshop, preparation and cleaning facilities, our experienced team strips everything to the absolute basics before assessing exactly what we need to do to bring our second hand catering equipment up to the standards of new. Scratches and dents are not acceptable – ‘thats not good enough for Tom’ [as Josiah Wedgwood famously almost quoted].

With a full warranty, our second hand catering equipment is indistinguishable from new. Our reputation has been hard earned through quality, attention to detail and desire to consistently supply excellent value second hand catering equipment of the highest possible standards..

‘You saved my bacon there, almost literally, thanks for pulling out the stops’ George T. Worcester

‘Where else would I go to to get emergency freezers on the hottest day of Summer – thanks for the help and advice’ Julie J. Godalming.

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