Ice Cream Machines On Sale!

Enjoy using our reliable ice cream machines this summer – low-cost, quality refurbished by Cater Revival

Have a look at the many options available, call 01977 662 000 and ask for more: ice machines, freezers, blast chillers – you name it we have it

Equipment to aid with Food Preparation, Refrigeration, Food Display, Storage and Weighing is all in stock and ready to go!

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Coffee Machines & Beverage Equipment

We stock a wide variety of beautiful coffee machines, all stunning, yet timeless focal point in any café, bar or restaurant – please call for more options and details.

We take a great pride in our attention to detail and our meticulous preparation and our quality standards are industry leading.

You can save literally thousands of pounds on the cost of new, with the peace of mind that any used restaurant equipment from Cater Revival will serve you just as well as brand new equipment.

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